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Gromit33 | 21:40 Sun 11th Jan 2015 | Internet
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Evening all,
Having nightmare with BT Broadband if anyone can help. The connection keeps failing and when it is running it is very slow- been like this for weeks. We have contacted them and raised the fault but they will charge £199 for an engineer to come out. We have found that the connection is interfering with the phone line- you can hear it trying to connect whilst on the phone. We have not changed any settings or switched the wires in any way.
Any suggestions very much appreciated, although I think it will be an engineer call out in the end anyway.
Many thanks.


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£199....sorry, can't believe that is true. When ours was faulty they just came.
They fixed mine for no charge too.
Snap with jno.
It's free if it's a problem with their line. If it turns out to be something with your equipment, they'll charge you.
Switch off and on again.
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Apologies, yes it is £129 not £199, should have put my glasses on.
We have tried re-starting it and reset to defaults.
BT helpdesk have tested the line and can not find a problem.
Their attitude is shoking with all this threat of fees. But in my experience the fault will be with the line and if that is the case you will not be charged.

Just make sure its not your hub and that the lights are all on as they should be. If its possible that your hub is playing up, ask for a new one as the are free.

I have a feeling that the hub is at fault.
unplugged the modem for 10mins, that usually resets & clears cache
go right through their testing process. Do everything including changing the filters, unplugging everything, moving the hub to the master socket, the lot. They will still tell you that if they find it is a fault of your sockets or lines then they will charge, but if you get the same problems when the hub is connected to the master socket with a new dsl filter, then this is highly unlikely.
You need to make sure, if possible, that the problem isn't your fault. Do everything that people have suggested to ensure that your connections are OK.

Then call BT. I had similar problems last year and there wasn't a charge. It was a line problem and they didn't charge. Its unlikely to be anything that you have done.

Let us know what the result is please !
BT advertises that a visit of an Engineer will be charged, but I am yet to hear of anyone whose has been charged.

A few years back I had occasion to contact BT, because the broadband speed was very low. My line was tested from the call centre in India and was deemed to be alright. However, I would Not accept the position and was offered a visit by an engineer and accepted on the basis that I would Not be charged. A test of my line back to the exchange revealed a fault which was not showing-up from the exchange end. The engineer told me that it was not unusual and he said that all he could do was to book the fault for attention by Exchange staff. A few days latter all was back to normal.

Might be worth telling BT that you would like the line to be tested from your home as well has any test from the actual telephone exchange. Also try testing your broadband speeds with BT's official on-line tester. :-


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Thank you everyone. Will keep trying and hopefully get a resolution soon.

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Bt Broadband Issues

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