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squidgelet10 | 20:19 Mon 19th Aug 2013 | Internet
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Greetings each.
I am not sure how many of you are familiar with ?
It is similar to YouTube, but is more sanitised and has less adverts: It also used to have a higher upload limit than YouTube.
I have used it for several years now as a hosting site for the many videos I have displayed on two of my websites.
I now find I cannot access the HOME page for more than a few seconds without Internet Explorer instantly shutting down. The videos are OK though.
I have tried this on two separate PC's, both running XP and IE8 as Version 8 is the highest supported by XP: Same result on both.
Any ideas as to why this should be and how to fix it please?
Be good!
Mike C.


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The links here might help: Alternatively, use a decent browser!!!
20:26 Mon 19th Aug 2013
I'm sorry I can't help with why your having the problem.

The easiest fix would probably be to change to a better browser. I was having problems with youtube until I changed to Firefox and that sorted it.
A lot of people on here recommend Opera and Chrome as well.
Sorry Chris, didn't know you were on the case.
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Hi Buenchico: Or is it Chris?
Thanks for your brilliant response.
The "why's" and "wherefore's" of the problem are still not very clear and are clearly all down to Microsoft!
I have taken your (and chrisgel's) advice and downloaded Mozzarella, or whatever it is. Daily Wotnot works perfectly on there so I may eventually set it as default browser. Who knows?
You are indeed a wonderful guy.
Many thanks.
Stay good!
Mike C.

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