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O2 Broadband

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sara3 | 18:22 Wed 03rd Apr 2013 | Internet
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any got it? any views please?

also poss O2 home phone..


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Not got it myself, but my sister has O2 broadband (not sure about home phone) and says it was really easy to set up and it's cheap. I know her mobile is also through O2 and she gets a monthly discount on the broadband.
Customer Service is also apparently very good - unlike Talk Talk who I am currently with :-(

Not sure if I can have O2. I think, like Virgin, it's only certain areas... though I may have got that completely wrong!
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thanks MadMen. my mobile is with O2 and they've offered £200 off my annual mobile bill, and half price broadband/home phone for a year! tempting..
I had that offer too, but I don't know what their tech support is like - then again, we're happy with our BT set-up.
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Boxy, it says the free phone help is based in the UK.

I'm with BT now (always have been) but the price difference is huge.
That's brilliant! I'd definitely go for that. I think that's what my sister got too, as a customer they just randomly phoned her with a really good offer.
She says they're really helpful as well, as I know she had a few problems in setting it up, which they were quick to sort out.

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I know! I'm really tempted, just a bit wry of leaving BT after.. well, forever!

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Sara3 you should note that O2 have sold their broadband business to Sky. All customers will move over to Sky later in this year
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thanks Milvus, I did see that.. just wasn't sure what that meant for the future?!!

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O2 Broadband

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