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Twitter Suggestions For Who To Follow

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vascop | 19:07 Sat 02nd Mar 2013 | Internet
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My sister's partner registered on Twitter a while ago. He never tweets and has all the default options set and no profile description and he has no followers and he doesn't follow anyone. A few weeks ago he received an email suggesting that he might like to follow me on Twitter.
I do not have his email address in my contacts list in gmail. The only reference to him on my computer is that I have him in my Skype contacts, but we have never skyped each other for over 2 years. I only set him up so that we could test that Skype was working when we initially set things up.
Any ideas about why Twitter might have emailed him suggesting he might like to follow me and how did they make the connection?


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did he have you email within his contacts - i thin twitter imports this info on set up
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I'm not sure. I will check.
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I have checked and he does not have my email address anywhere on his computer.
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sounds a bit sinister to me

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Twitter Suggestions For Who To Follow

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