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mobile broadband dongle

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delayed | 21:56 Wed 23rd May 2012 | Internet
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hi all
would really like some help,possibly from someone who has or is using a mobile internet dongle. i am wanting to buy a pay as you go mobile internet dongle,we have a caravan and i have sky go installed on my laptop, but when i connect to the caravan clubs own broadband although it says signal strength is excellent the programmes we watch live, constantly buffer,which makes it annoying to say the least, to watch, so i want a fast download speed broadband dongle but have no idea which to choose as i have looked at several a lot claim to be fast but are they? and coverage is important.thanks in advance for any advise.denise


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I would imagine watching Sky Go on a PAYG dongle would eat up you money.

Video is one of the largest things you can download and I think you will find it will cost a fortune on a PAYG dongle.

p.s. Why not just stay at home at watch TV?
I used to have a mobile broadband dongle. Now I have a smartphone which has a data allowance and a "tethering" ability. What this essentially means is that my phone becomes the "dongle" on those rare occasions when I need mobile Internet access on devices other than the phone. You might consider this rather than a dongle.

Either way, you'll need a provider that has fast access speeds and a high data allowance. Pretty much the only one that offers this is 3:

However, 3's data coverage is not great. Check the 3 data connection at the caravan club before committing. Ideally, find some other resident who has got it working. If all else fails, try this checker with the postcode of the caravan club:

But I'd hate to base a purchase decision on that checker alone ...

One other option you might consider is TEP:

I've used this when I visited Spain for a few weeks and found it to be a great service, much cheaper than using my own data connection. The service was originally for American visitors to the UK so I would imagine you can get a TEP device for use here too. If you only went to the caravan club infrequently, and otherwise did not need mobile internet in the UK, this could be a good option for you ...
As already stated, streaming tv will gobble up your PAYG data and prove to be very expensive, if it is fast enough. I doubt it will be as fast as the club's broadband.

Record the programmes and watch them when you get home.
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thank you all for your advice i will look into your suggestions:we travel fairly often around the uk and love to watch our rugby league live matches,especially leeds rhinos ha ha..thanks again much appreciated.denise
To add to what others said, I'm not surprised you can't watch it on the clubs broadband. it's more than likely limited to how much of the overall speed is available to each person using it, otherwise one person deciding they (you) wanted to watch an online streaming service could mean nobody else can use it, which wouldn't really be fair on all the other users.
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WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! at least 50 people can access a broadband signal,there are no where near that amount of people on site,their isp at the club are virtually unknown..your reply was no help at all but thanks for your input ha ha .denise

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