Should ABers give Google the Goodbye.?

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vivandorron | 15:45 Mon 27th Feb 2012 | Internet
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I use Firefox as my Browser and my home page is Google.

However, I am wondering whether I should use an alternative Search Engine, because Google is now about to change it's 'Privacy Policy'

Which would be the best from the following:-



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I don't google anything embarrassing :-)
You actually log into Google? What for...?
I have been getting more and more disappointed with Google search. Too many high up results are now advertisements or paid listing. I also think it is just not as accurate as it used to be. I have been trying Bing, and it is a lot better for some searches, but not as good as google for others.

Anyone know of any good alternatives (not yahoo)?
Always one of my favourites, if only due to the name :)

(It actually searches google bing and yahoo all at once)
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Interesting Chuck....Are you sure it's not crap.? Would you suggest I make 'dogpile' my home page.?

That double click business gives me the right pip. Then it says block all Google double click ads but I can't seem to find how to do it .
Doesn't everyone simply use an ad blocker these days...?
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Mark, surely you've read enough threads about ads to know the answer to that?
duck duck go
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Mark..I would be interested to know what you use to 'surf the net'.

As regards Adblock, I do have it available to me on Firefox, but never use it on AB, which is dependent upon adverts for its survival. Truth is, if I engage Adblock on AB, I get a list of 'Topics' printed on the left hand side of my screen and am unable to gain any further access to the site.

Thanks for Dogpile Chuck. Initially it looks good.
Download .... do not track plus.
I will still use Google. I have nothing to hide and certainly don't log into anything to search.
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Thanks folk for your replies.

Chuck's dogpile looks interesting.


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Should ABers give Google the Goodbye.?

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