Facebook vs Twitter -- dumb question alert!

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Old Salt | 20:36 Thu 26th Jan 2012 | Internet
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Okay all you 'hot shots', everyone keeps telling me how great it is to be able to use Facebook or Twitter.............

Well, I've sort of asked around, but no one seems to be able to give me a simple answer to these two questions,

"What can I expect to get out of joining one of them?"

"For someone of mature years, would one be better than the other for me?"

The only information I seem to be able to find, sounds like ""'super hype"

Then again, maybe I should just remain as I am, as I didn't like them asking for credit card details to join.

Thanks for any help

Old Salt


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CREDIT CARD details - where - what - why, both are boring to me, I have made 3 tweets, & have 4 friends on facebook, bothered - do i get a medal if get lots of friends, I to am in mature years.
never been asked card details to join that i can recall.

Remain as you are old salt.
don't have to be on everything unless your'e lonely maybe
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Thanks gsr600

I get the message, loud and clear. Sounds like something I can live without

Definitely, oldsalt - I joined facebook so I could look at some family photos, but weeks can go by without having to look at other people's inane posts about what to eat for breakfast, or someone's at the door.... Twitter is a mystery to me, I wouldn't follow a famous person's tweets if you paid me.

I don't know what you mean about paying by credit card, you don't have to pay anything to join FB.
Facebook is great if that's the only way you get to see friend's and family's photos or that's the only way you get to know about events your friends are arranging but apart from that it's pretty useless! Twitter (in my opinion) is even worse; only function I can see with it is to boast/whinge about your day and stalk celebrities.
As said, credit card details are not required.

Can't really speak about twitter cos I won't touch it, but it seems to me that is more for the egotistical people who like telling others what they are doing.

Facebook on the other hand IS worth joining. Find old friends, keep in touch, etc. Try it.
Facebook is great for chatting with people you can't get to see. I can talk to my daughter in Oz on chat or facebook skype. She can also keep up with what her brothers are up to.
facebook is good if you have family living far away, you can keep track of what they are up to in their lives and chat without having to constantly phone them.

twitter is move of a reading tool, not only can you follow celebs you can also follow local interest like the local police, councillors and other useful dispensers of news.

its not to everyones taste but I think its unfair to view both in a purely negative manner.
as ... has being said, FB is good to reacquaint oneself with old friends or family... for me though it is quite easily forgotten about... weeks will pass and I don't bother with it.

As for twitter??????? I have an account but think its not worth bothering with at all.
I don't need Facebook or Twitter. Similarly, CB in AB.

Question Author
Thanks everybody, for taking the time to reply.

I have given due consideration to all of the answers and googled a bit, and it is my decision, "I shall continue to carry on without FaceBook and Twitter."

If I need any help or advice, I have some outstanding oracles readily available on the AnswerBank.

Old Salt
This Facebook at its best.


If you have friends and family living abroad or some distance from you, it's a great site.

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Facebook vs Twitter -- dumb question alert!

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