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How to post a link.

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Andyvon | 21:04 Mon 26th Sep 2011 | Internet
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Sorry, I know this has been asked several times but I can't post a link. I've looked at previous answers but they seem to refer to YouTube.

I want to post a link of some photographs that are on my hard disk in 'My Pictures'. When I have the photo the bar along the top just lists 'My Computer - My Pictures - General etc. Copy and paste just seems to leave a black link in my AB answer which isn't clickable. I managed to post links when I had Windows XP but I now have a new computer with Windows 7 and it seems to be different.

Can anyone help please?


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Ah, yes. I was just going to say it didn't work :-(

I always use Tinypic. You just upload it to that (the webiste), follow the instructions, and then copy and paste "direct link for layouts"... :-)
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Thanks Fliptheswitch. I'll go away and have a go at that. Here goes..........!
Look forward to seeing the pic, andy! :-)
Nice to see you back, Andy - hope all is well with you and yours :)
if there was some way of creating a direct link from your documents to AB, someone would be going backwards along it within seconds to see what else was on your computer. Better use tinypic, imageshack etc.
I used photobucket, andy.
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I'm still having problems. I'm doing something wrong. I copy the link but it won't paste as the option is greyed out. I'll have a tea then have another go! The tea should do the trick!

Hi ttfn. Thankyou. It's good to be back after a busy summer. Hope you are well. Thankyou Boxtops and and hi to you too.

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