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abstibus | 14:50 Mon 11th Apr 2011 | Internet
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I need to get some sensible and coherent advice on how to access my TalkTalk bill, which is sent to my hotmail address.
TalkTalk say that as I was previously a Tiscali customer, I cannot access my account using my hotmail adress, but need to access this through my Tiscali log-in.
I abandoned my Tiscali e-mail some years ago when it became so clogged with junk that it was unusable, and now do not know how to recover the log-in details.
I got the following message from TalkTalk, but I cannot find the 'service support' link:

For further assistance in relation to this matter, could you please kindly contact Tiscali so that they can assist you. You can contact Tiscali by email: (Please note that they don't publish their email addresses, you have to follow the "Service support" links to an online form).

I am now in the situation where I cannot view my bills, cannot remember my Tiscali log-in/password details.
Can anyone help in what surely must be a simple matter - that is, if anything dealing with TalkTalk is simple?
Many thanks


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Your link is not valid
HI rojash, if you take the dot off the end of the link it will work. Don't know if this will help mind.
Call talk talk and ask them to change your password to a known one.

You'll have to update the login details in your router afterwards to reflect the new password for your internet connection to work.

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