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toshiba a300-1bz problem putting windows 7 on

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honey33 | 19:56 Fri 18th Feb 2011 | Computers
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Hi please can someone help me,I have a Toshiba satellite A300-1BZ laptop with windows vista on...I want to put windows 7 on wich is ok but the problem is the finger pad sound and few other things dont work right and the problem im haveing is a cannot find any drivers for it...ive tried toshiba website but i cant find my model on it..It is a great laptop very fast etc so can someone please try tell me were i can find the drivers for this model for windows 7 please for free preferable as some sites say for a price to download.....I hope this all makes sence...Basically i want drivers for my model as stated for windows 7 to run ok on it...Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can give...Its much apreciated..


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Generally it's considered prudent to check you can get the drivers before updating!

Any of the a300 models will probably have the same general hardware so try the drivers for another extended model number.


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toshiba a300-1bz problem putting windows 7 on

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