Registry Mechanic (PC Tools) problem

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vindi48 | 21:33 Mon 03rd Jan 2011 | Computers
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does seem to apply to my PC as, having preset it to run after each daily boot-up, it kills something so my MS Outlook (Office 2003), Firefox and IE die - being the only www and message systems I use.

This is fixable each time by running Detect & Repair to the point where the original program CD is required then getting out of D&R - which puts all back to normal. Am unable to use the original program Office CD due to millions of automatic Outlook updates, which includes some 2007 Office input direct from MS, which make the CD almost redundant. This repetitive necessity is a pain.

Exit to the outside world is via ADSL2 broadband D-Link modem and, as problem eliminates any communication from the PC, I wonder of this modem connection is affected by Mechanic. Modem works OK with my laptop and Netbook, both on wireless, even when I can't get out with the PC - not on wireless.

I have recently deleted and reloaded from scratch Registry Mechanic without any noticeable difference being made.

All ideas most welcome please.

Thank you.


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Ditch registry mechanic.

Seriously... How do you expect one, available for all, program to know exactly what your computer is like.

Registry cleaners are playing on the paranoia of computer users and are a unnecessary waste of time at best, a danger at worst.
Why do you want Registry Mechanic to run after every 'boot up'?
It's not necessary, Windows copes reasonably well with a disorganised registry.
I have never run any sort of automatic registry editor because they fluff up more times than they cure.
I defer to him!!
Agreed ..
'System' Mechanic used to be ok .. but not that crap.
Use CCleaner if you must .. or RegistryFirstAid ... or Acesoft Tracks Eraser. All these are proven.
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My thanks to responders. I did send a copy of the question to PC Tools and await a response. Meanwhile I have taken your expert guidance to the letter and deleted the program.

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Registry Mechanic (PC Tools) problem

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