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My freeware

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Georgia05 | 12:59 Mon 25th Oct 2010 | Computers
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My, recent freeware installation, has taken over IE with it's own home/search page. It is fantastically annoying!! Do I uninstall? The family tree function is great but I don't need it taking over!!


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You only need to change your default homepage - back to what it was, presumably.
Most commercial "Freeware" is fantastically annoying at some point.
If it has re-branded your Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, easiest way is to download TweakUI Powertoys from Microsoft (if XP) and fix it with that. There are lots of tweaks included if you want them.
If you're unsure about how to follow New2Quizzes advice, here goes:

Go to the page you want as your homepage.
Click on Tools > Internet Options.
Ensure that the 'General' tab is selected.
Under 'Home page' click 'Use current'
Click 'Apply'
Click 'OK'.

just change your IE homepage, it's no big deal

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My freeware

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