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PC Keeps Restarting Itself

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Joeyjake | 21:56 Sun 24th Oct 2010 | Computers
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I keep seeing a black screen with white writing telling me previous login attempt was interrputed by power failure and to click on one of four options (safe mode, restart as per last login etc etc) but whatever option I press, the screen just returns to the black screen with the white writing again ...

Am I kaput?

Any help you can give a complete technophobe will be gratefully received. Thanks.


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I has this problem the other day and my solution was simple. My daughter had left a cd/dvd in the drive at shutdown and when i turned on my comp i had exactly what you've got until i discovered the cd/dvd which once i removed everything kicked in as normal. Some confliction issues. It may not help you but its a possibility for you
When you boot your computer keep pressing f8 until you see a list and choose last known good connection and see if it will take this choice
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Hi Stevie, I know there isn't anything in the drive so can't be that, but thanks anyway.

Hi Galeck - I will give that a try when I get home later. Many thanks indeed.

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PC Keeps Restarting Itself

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