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No Sound

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DickieBrakelight | 17:13 Mon 05th Jul 2010 | Computers
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My PC recently crashed completely but I managed to perform a repair then a system restore. Since then, however, I seem to have lost my sound completely. Bearing in mind that I am King of the Technophobes, what do you think may be the cause of it and how will I be able to restore it?

Any help appreciated :o)


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You haven't just accidentally put it on mute, have you?
lol mike I've done that..........the helpdesk were highly amused.
Goto the manufacturers website and download the sound drivers for the model of computer you have and install them.

(if you can't find them post the make and model of your computer)
i have a little wheel at the front of my laptop that i forgot to turn a while ago!!
do you have a clockwork laptop then, lslowry? :)
behave Chuck....mine's got a little wheel as well.
coal fired chuck!!

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No Sound

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