Old Internet Security not needed !

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plaice | 09:42 Thu 20th May 2010 | Computers
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Hi I received my Dads old Computer when he purchased a new one.

I have managed to get Broadband Internet through O2 which included Mcafee Security.

The Old Internet Security is still on the Computer which was through Virgin Broadband and when i try to remove this, it requires a Password which we cant remember what it is !!!!!

Any ideas on how i can get rid of it as it is making my computer really slow !

Thanks for any help.


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So when you go to the Add/Remove programmes list and select remove, it requires a password?
Question Author
Yeah exactly that ! It gives a hint at the Password being Mother Maiden Name but it isnt that.
Prob is without removing it, it makes Computer go uber slow !!
Becareful with the password - remember it's more than likely going to be case sensitive. Also, when putting it in originally, a spelling mistake may have been made so see if you can give it another go taking that into consideration.

I really am stumped here myself. ChuckFickens may know.

Try getting in touch with Virgin, they SHOULD be able to help.

Good luck! Sorry I couldn't be of much help.
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Thanks for your help. Ill try contacting Virgin.
Hi, when it says mother's maiden name are you by any chance putting in your mother's maiden name. You said PC was your dad's so it could be his mother it's after. Not sure if that's the one you have been putting in. Another way to get rid of it would be to reinstall windows so that you have got nice clean machine to use without your dad's junk on it. Just a thought.
Does it still ask for a password if you try removing it in safe mode?
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Thanks Shed Man. Yeah i did put in my Dads Mums. It didnt like it. Ive spoke to him since i posted this question and he said to try another Word so hopefully itll work as its evidently not his Mums maiden name.

Thanks for your help though.

ChuckFickens -

How do i enter Safe Mode ? Sorry my Computer knowledge is ok at best !!
turn the computer off, then turn it on again and as soon as you've pressed the power button start tapping the F8 key, you should get a menu come up where one of the options is safe mode, select that and hit enter and then once it's started up try removing it again.
Download "windows install cleanup" and try and erase from there.

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Old Internet Security not needed !

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