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Acer Aspire 1 on linux, Want to change to Windows 7

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honey33 | 20:39 Mon 01st Mar 2010 | Computers
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Hi can anyone help me, I have a Acer aspire 1 netbook and it runs on LINUX from new..I have the linux reinstallation cd also...But i want to now put windows 7 on the netbook instead,I have a windows 7 disc and i roughly no how to install it as i assume its preety much like installing and reformatting a normal pc ....But the problem i have is when ive installed windows 7 how do i then get the drivers for graphics card motherboard and what ever else id need webcam say to put on so it will all work ok etc etc....Can i get the drivers off the linux cd or is that not possible as in will it then not work on windows....Basically in a nut shell if i put windows 7 on the netbook how do i get the correct drivers to add to it for everything to be ok...Many thanks in advance for your help..I have emailed acer but to no avail as they must be busy reading there comics lol..thanks again


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I personally can't imagine why anyone would want to downgrade from Linux to Windows - however, to answer your question:

You cannot use drivers from the Linux CD - they will not work - drivers are Operating System specific.

Once you've got Windows on the PC (yes, there's little difference between loading on a desktop PC and a netbook), then Windows Update will run and (assuming you've got an Internet connection) obtain all the necessary drivers via the Internet. It's possible that a few odds and sods like webcam drivers might not load this way, but this can be sorted out later.

The one difference between desktops and netbooks is that netbooks don't have DVD drives - I presume you have an external DVD drive or some other means of achieving the initial load of Windows?

One final thing - have you checked that your particular model of Acer is supported by Windows 7?
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Hi thanks for your reply,I no they did my model in linux and windows xp but not sure about 7 will have to check on that...The only reason i want to change to windows is that i cant seem to find a dogle pay and go that works on linux,That is the only reason im wanting to change to windows,,,But if you do no of a pay and go dongle i can use on linux to get connected to the internet when i on the move etc etc then that would be great and so much simpler.......Again many thanks for your help so far much apreticated
Loads of info on the Linux forums.

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Acer Aspire 1 on linux, Want to change to Windows 7

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