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Correct procedure for switching On and Off an external hard drive.

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Grandpappy | 12:08 Wed 11th Nov 2009 | Computers
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I've just bought an external drive ( Seagate 1Tb.) which comes with a cable for power and a cable for USB connection. There is no switch or button to power off or on and so I'm concerned about the correct procedure to use the drive safely. Do I just leave it on to power up or down with my computer or what?
Can someone advise please?
Many thanks


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I think normally after the PC has been switched off the hard disk will stop spinning so wont "do" anything so it does not hurt to leave it plugged in to the mains.

One important thing, but when you turn your PC off the hard drive will continue spinning inside for a minute or two.

So after you turn your PC off DONT unplug the mains from it till it has stopped spinning (if not sure leave it for a minute or so to settle down, then unplug the mains).

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Correct procedure for switching On and Off an external hard drive.

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