Lost songs?

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lindylou16 | 12:26 Tue 15th Sep 2009 | Computers
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I ripped songs off a CD with the intention of putting them on another CD
(legal??) ripped OK but i cannot find the songs to burn them Advice please on how to find them.


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In what way do you believe this to be legal?
Did you rip them with Windows media player? If you did then this may help locate them:

Go to rip in WMP, right click over RIP (window drops down)
Go to More option... click on that
Another window should have opened.
Go to rip music tab and it will tell you where they have been sent under 'rip music to this location.'
Why would it not be legal, another-view?
If it's for your own personal use - then it's quite legal.

WMP usually stores files in My Documents after a set time.
It is legal.

You could try and search the songs by name. It should take you to the folder.
Interesting. Remind me to burn a dozen copies of the latest Hollywood blockbuster for erm "personal" use.
I've paid for my music. If I want to put it on my computer I can...Legally.
Another view - How do you think people get their tunes onto their ipods?
Actually, UK law does not currently allow you to rip music (or any other media - see below for one exception) without the copyright holder's permission. It has been recognised that this is somewhat outdated given the prevalence of MP3 and other media players, but AFAIK no changes to the law have been made as yet.

In the US, there is a "fair use" clause that does allow for making backups and using on your own MP3 player etc but not in the UK. (Apart from some obscure allowance for software that dates back to the days of floppy disks and tape drives).

That said, I can't see anyone bringing a prosecution as long as it was genuinely for your own use - mainly because of the resultant bad publicity.

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Lost songs?

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