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bt hub wep security

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delayed | 19:17 Tue 09th Jun 2009 | Computers
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i have a bt home hub it is version one which is apparently wep,and the newer versions are pc is hardwired but we have two laptops running from it,is it secure being wep or should i change it to wap..can it be used by others or not. thank you in anticipation


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WEP is better than nothing, it will put off the chancers from using your Internet connection
what he said

.... unless you work for mi5 - why would anyone bother?
oh ... to see how easy - you might want to look at this ...

not hard is it?

That software only tells you the keys already stored in the WZC on windows, it will do nothing to "crack" unknown keys.
I know
I didn't think the shoehorn was appropriate ...
it's still encrypted though.

one of our young 'uns has the real hack down to 9.5 mins
I've seen videos of it being done in well under 60sec for WEP, though it does involve using a few other computers to generate enough packets in that short a space of time.

the main problem most people (the chancers) will find in cracking WEP is you need a wireless card that supports packet monitoring, which most don't.

The biggest risk with WPA is brute force attacks, there is a reason why the key can be up to 64ch long :)

anyhow..... in saying this to AC.... well.... Teaching one's grandmother to suck eggs springs to mind :) and I suspect we are going a little over delayed's head now!
wooosh -

It's a linux "black" CD someone found - impressive
Question Author
thank you both for your replies,,yes well and truly over my head,me being a granny ha ha and fairly new to computers,thanks again for your help

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bt hub wep security

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