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internet security

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BayBoy1 | 18:49 Sun 22nd Mar 2009 | Computers
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my norton security has just expired, how can i find a free security system that will protect my computer. thanks


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free avg anti virus is FREE and better than most you pay for, depending on your equipment, you will not need a software fireweall such as the one built into Nortons.

If you have a wireless/wired router, such as a belkin, netgear, linksys, etec etc it will have a firewall built in, make sure this is turned on and, it should be by default but check, if you do forget another firewall cos it will slow your internet down using two.
Strongly disagree with above RE firewalls!!

You do require a firewall on your computer, the one in your router is a inbound firewall only (as standard) a decent software firewall on your computer will stop nasty programs making outbound connections.

this has been answered about once a week on here forever, do a search on free anti virus in the search up there ^ (select site)
As CF states, this type of question comes up frequently. Here's a summary of the usual replies:

First you need one (and only one) firewall running on your PC. The most popular free one is Zone Alarm: arm-pc-security-free-firewall.htm
Some people prefer Comodo: rewall.html

You also need one (and only one) anti-virus product. AVG is the most frequently recommended: ee-edition
but some people have reported problems with the latest version of AVG, resulting in them switching to Avast! tml

You can have as many 'run on demand' anti-spyware products as you like. The most popular are Adaware .php
and Spybot S&D dex.html

It's important to uninstall Norton, but you can't do it from 'Add/Remove Programs'. You need the special removal tool: .nsf/docid/2005033108162039

I have reported user smith134 above for promoting the support web site again.

I think this is a previous user who kept promoting the site back again with a new name.

I reported them last time and have reported them again.
smith134 is jonnpol179.
you can installed the free avg anti virus from the link. -free-edition.

its a good anti virus you can use.

for more information you can avail at the source at
try here
not free, but very cheap and safe

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internet security

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