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email redirection ??

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Puzzled001 | 15:18 Tue 17th Feb 2009 | Computers
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Hi, Can someone assist with email redirection. I am thinking of changing my ISP but use them for email. I do not keep a list of all those I email or all those who email me. Is there a way of having any emails that are sent to my old email address redirected to my new one? I,ve thought of using mail2web but if I have changed ISP then they , my old ISP,will obviously not store emails on my old server!


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Bit confused. Do you not download emails then? I mean if you do, what details do you need that you haven't got.

As for the ISP, chances are they will retain your account for a while, but for access only.
"but if I have changed ISP then they , my old ISP,will obviously not store emails on my old server!"

Equally, they will no longer host your old address - it will cease to exist (once they get around to tidying up). So there won't be any way of redirecting e-mails sent to that address. They'll either get bounced, or more likely, binned.
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Postdog, I read my emails then delete them so I do not have a list of senders addresses, I only keep family in my address book, so do not keep a list of others I 'write' to . Thought there might be a system like the re-direction service provided by 'snail-mail' (post).

This is the reason that a lot of people (myself included) don't use their ISP based email address, there are plenty of free email services that are not dependent on your ISP. then if you change ISP you keep the same email address.

I would suggest using one of those and not your ISP based email address now you have to change your email address
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Thanks Chuck, its as I thought, so I go to something like Yahoo and open an account? How do I list all the addresses of the emails I receive so that I can inform them of the change. Will I be able to use my 'Yahoo' say, address from a computer I am to set up in Spain aswell as the one in the UK? (sorry,but I am not up on all this )

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email redirection ??

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