I want to make a cut-off slip (with scissors image) on a word document

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rabbitdrop | 21:18 Mon 18th Aug 2008 | Computers
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Can anyone help me please? I want to do a form in word with a cut off slip - or even, preferably, a cut out box. The sort of thing I have in mind will read something along the lines of:
"please complete your details here.." and have an empty box with a dotted line and a little sideways on image of a pair of scissors to indicate that you have to cut it off yourself.
Does anyone know how to do it?


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Go into character map and select Windings font, then select the scissor symbol and select copy, then paste into word.

It normally tells you what command to press while you're in word but it's not on mine so that's the easiest way to do it, then just put ---------- after the scissors?
You can get a symbol of some scissors by going to

Insert > symbol ... then in the drop down box change the font to Wingdings. There is a picture of open scissors near the beginning.

Then do a row of dots after!
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is there any way I can get the scissors on a text box border - ie rather than having a cut off strip on the form have a cut out box?
thanks for advice so far!
OK, just had a play and what I did is created a text box, changed the shape outline to dashes, added the scissor symbol just above it and then selected the text box and click "send to back" and the scissor symbol should then look as though it's on top of the box.

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You are a genius! I also have been fiddling around and didnt manage to do it. thanks a million!

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I want to make a cut-off slip (with scissors image) on a word document

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