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Learning about computers online

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eah | 10:00 Mon 05th May 2008 | Computers
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I have had a laptop since last year[silver surfer]and know how to send and receive basic e- mails and use Google and basic internet..people online have been very helpful and I have bought two good recommended books.However I seem to learn better with simple DVDs and as I cannot get out currently can`t go to college to learn basic processes..and IT skills
Are there any good computer training online sites where I could do IT courses at my own speed and with BT.. Have Windows Vista installed and an Advent laptop Many thanks in advance..


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What sort of things are you interested in learning? Specific applications such as word processors and spreadsheets, or more general pc things such as file management and system restore?

Question Author
Faye Mousse thank you very much for quick reply ...well it`s all about "Word" and symbols.."B "and under line and "cut and paste "in first instance.really ....
Just finding way round keyboard and screen ...use of icons /symbols...
Then move onto other trying to help elderly mother with hers too so it`s like "the blind leading the blind"!!
Can order food online and cards and read papers etc and crosswords 1
How about this Word tutorial?

There are other tutorials on the same site - Vista for example.

But I'm not sure that is not better than a book. You can buy interective training on dvd for Word - but make sure it is for the right version. Here is an example:

Here is an interactive task for you. Try googling 'online training for word'; 'interactive tutorial for word' and similar.

I'm sure what you want is out there - it just takes some looking.

I find the fortnightly magazine Computer Active to be excellent for beginners - plain English, well explained and reasonably priced.
Question Author
Thank you Fay!
I will try all of your suggestions ..and fingers crossed!
I admire you - if I hadn't learned Word for business use, I would avoid it like the plague.

It is far too complex for most domestic needs -if you only need to type letters and use basic formatting. Most people don't use one tenth of its features.

Now everything I do is for personal use, I find I'm using Notepad more and more - quick and easy for letter writing.

Also have a look at your local library - some books do have dvds with interactive tutorials, and it doesn't cost a bean.
agree with the library
while you are there ... ask if there are any courses.
you can't beat having someone there to answer your question(s) immediately
fay put her finger on it ....
>>if I hadn't learned Word for business use .....

you need a reason to learn - and a job to do .... theory is fine ... but all the office progs have lots of faces ...
EXCEL for accountants, engineers ... same prog ... very different approach.

word for school, uni, legal .... you get the idea.

bit like asking for a screwdriver ... a watchmaker uses slightly different type to a shipbuilder
****** ... just real the bit about not getting out ... sorry!

but having a real job to do will make it easier ... write a book! ;-)
Here you go hun - I found this to be easy, and very handy.
Question Author
thank you both Fay and ACtheTROLL for your answers..I will look into using Notepad I think as Word does seem very detailed and I only wanted to use it to write letters now .....
Question Author
Ice Maiden ..thanks a lot ..will have a look at this website tomorrow!
'Vista for dummies' is still a good general tutorial.
Not everyone is willing to admit it but anyone with average computer skills has at one time or another read a 'windows for dummies' book from cover to cover.
I subscribe to PC Knowledge for Seniors which starts you off with a basic set then send you extras to add to your folder every 2 months. Cost is about �15 initially and for every extra. Type in the above name and search for information.

I know you have been on this earth a long time ...(cause you told me... remember?)

looking at the PC Knowledge for Seniors (PCKS... if you add an "R" and an "I" in the right place you'll see something worth knowing about this type of learning.

do you remember pyramid selling in the late 70s?
the "how to in a 1000 affordable installments" is very lucrative ... just think a standard PC reference costs about �30-40 (lotta money) ... why not subscribe to a magazine which builds up into a comprehensive reference ... for only �5 per issue .... over the next 5 years .... a snip at only �300!!! (yours is ...�15?) - even better is the weekly guide .... at only �3!!!
words ARE powerful and in this case bl**dy expensive
this type of scam is vile ...
(I know .... because I'm vile .... remember)

google the company ... all the references are circular ... the different sites look independent ... but strangely all of them end up with a subscription form!

this type of "learning" taps into the fact that the subject matter is always changing ... so you'll never get to the end .....
also that older people like collecting stuff ... and generally feel that you get what you pay for ...

it's a con ... it plays on the insecurities of the elderly and the intimidation everyone feels when faced with new ideas.

if you have learned anything ... it's through practice ...
using your PC to log onto sites like this and then voicing your opinion to trolls like me

there are far better (and much cheaper) books out there ... if you can get out ... the library is the place to look for books (duh!!) because the dummies books are excellent ... but by the time you've read it through you should be ready for the next level .... so borrow the simpler books ... then buy the next set
.....after a couple of months you should almost be ready for a real reference book ...

the best way to learn how to use your PC is to try and get your money back from the publisher ... writing a few letters and calculating how much it's all cost is a better way of learning office that any book.

even better get out to a local college.

stick with it ... do the "for dummies" books ... and find your own free sites (looking is as much practical use as finding on the net)

most importantly ... think about what you find ... the net is like walking on broken glass ....
stray from the BBC at your peril
and finally
(for hugh again)
eah has obviously learned a lesson that you seem to have missed ....

never ever use your real name on public boards like this ....
never ever use the same nickname or password (part or whole) as you use on sites that you pay money through or use for e-mail .... and never give your main e-mail out - go to gmail hotmail ... or wherever and create an id specifically that only exists on messageboards.

some sites exist simply to collect personal details.
(might I suggest HJanus?) lol - vile eh!
Question Author
Thanks for all answers...I think it`ll be the library in the first instance ...
Hi ACtheTroll,
I am disappointed that replies in some of these sections are not solely concerned with giving people advice from experience or recommendations which they have heard about. Digression into questioning others motives or beliefs, I think, can put many people off asking or contributing. Being a 'silver surfer' means that I have had to try various methods to come to terms with computing. The best way, I think, is one-to-one tuition but that could be hard to come by and rather expensive. I tried books, and ended up using just one for beginners, priced at �5 and six others are taking up space on my bookshelves. I attended a course but without back-up which I could have taken home to put into practice on my laptop, it was not very successful. From experiences in my long career I know back-up for practice is vital for progress. So PCKforS gives me what I want. It may be costly but there is no obligation to continue if it proves not for you. I did consider whether it was worthwhile trying to help others when I can but I am not going to let some of the remarks made by a few contributors put me off logging in from time to time. We all have different ideas how to present ourselves to Answerbank but my security has not been jeopardised by using my own name and originally I saw no purpose in having a 'username'.
I would just like to add my opinion about PCkfS (I think I am entitled as being a siver surfer) - avoid for the all the reasons already given.


glad you're not put off
your statement
>>but my security has not been jeopardised
needs the caveat of "yet" ... seriously old man ... this use of nicknames is almost a universal net constant in public areas - it's not a mask ... it's a shield.

the biggest threat out there is gullibility and underestimating the odds.
Britain has the dubious pleasure of being the most gullible country in the world with over 20% pf people buying from either spam or popup advertising....

if I e-mail 1000000 people asking for a pound ... and only 1% reply .... how much is that?

this is a world market ... tiny still means �1000s and access is in the 10000000s

it's actually more prevalent than virus attacks now .... it's called social engineering ....
people convince themselves that what they are doing is rational (to save face - even to themselves)

look in the newspaper ... it's full of stupid people (politicians, footballers "celebrities" who are willing to risk everything for a little slap and t)

hugh ... forget this tiff ... and consider ... the main tool used in this board .... google

google ACtheTROLL - you'll get a lot of results ... and I'm an insignificant blip on the radar .....
what happens if you'd googled my real name .... if I struck lucky (remember it's percentages) you could maybe find me ....

that's why there is so much fuss about facebook ... young naive kids giving all their personal details away so they can collect "friends"

you know my name ...
that's the reason for using nicknames, not because you can call people bad names ..... don't underestimate the lengths people will go to - be as invisible and hard to trace as you can .... you don't know the people here ... why would you trust or care what we think?

just give it a thought - silver doesn'

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Learning about computers online

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