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Old Desktop Wallpaper

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Count_Emmup | 15:54 Sun 27th Jan 2008 | Computers
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On my old computer the desktop wallpaper was a sepia photo of a large, old (1940s?), US railway station, I liked this picture and I'd like to install it on my present Windows XP.

I think it was called "Travel" can anyone please tell me how I may put it on my present computer?


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Hi there!

Most default Windows wallpaper is located in C:\WINDOWS, as .BMP
files. However, if you're using 98 or later, and you've turned on
Active Desktop, you can also use ANY image in your C:\My Documents\My
Pictures directory. so locate your file then e-mail it to your self then collect it put it in my pictures
right click anywhere on your desktop background to call up the
Properties menu. Select the Background tab, and you'll see the list.
Just click the one you want, click Apply, then OK.

The wallpaper you refer to was part of the Windows PLUS! add-on. If you don't have that installed any more then you must try to find a PC with it on and copy it across. It's not part of XP standard installation.


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Old Desktop Wallpaper

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