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Laptop standby query

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banana | 19:51 Sat 26th Jan 2008 | Computers
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I have set my laptop to go to stand-by when the lid is closed. It does this no problem .
But when the laptop is opened again it goes to the login screen.I hate the login screen.Only I use this laptop. How can I turn it off?
Can I set it to go to another page /program of my choice?


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XP home, XP pro, Vista, something else?
Question Author
Dagnabbit - meant to put that in...

xp home
You can change the way it resumes by going into power options. However if you only use the machine there is no need to login at all. with only one user account set up it should boot straight to the desktop,however if you have microsoft . Net Framework installed thatwill set up its own hidden account therefore making you have to logon to your account when starting up ect, if you dont need this uninstall it & save yourself time & hassel.
1. Click the "Start" menu.
2. Select "Control Panel".
3. When the Control Panel appears, select "User Accounts".
4. When the "User Accounts" window appears, underneath "Or pick an account to change", click "Change the way users log on or off".
5. Uncheck "Use the Welcome Screen".
6. Click the "Apply Options" button.

Question Author
Thank you both for your answers. I had already tried the user account but stopped at the change log-on as I wasnt sure of the options I just didn't want to have to click anything to get back to the desktop.
But I followed your recommendation Ethel and did so. I now have a log on verification screen which only needs a click and as its not the welcome screen this is a bit further forward.

I have looked for framework and it is installed. I'm wary of uninstalling this in case I disrupt the running of my machine. I have tried to find out what it is for -and although reasonably literate -I have absolutely no idea what the information I am reading is about.

Can I install perfectly safely or is it best to leave well alone?

Basically You can uninstall it & see how you get on ( I personally dont use it ) should you find you have problems & programs that do need it you can reinstall it via windows update.
Question Author
Cheers for that Alf.

The link was excellent and explained the whys and wherefores of un/installing .net framework.

I will have a go -and Duh! why didn't I think of reinstalling from windows before panicking?

Thanks to all

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Laptop standby query

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