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black screen on logging in

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delayed | 23:27 Sun 02nd Sep 2007 | Computers
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can anyone help please..i am trying to log into windows home xp but just get as far as the welcome screen and screen goes black, rebooted several times but still same thing happens.before this happened i was running a scan and a box came up saying it had found a trojan downloader,in c/documents/settings..can anyone advise me please,i dont know too much about computers..thanks in anticipation..dee


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A downloader shouldn't have this side effect ... anything else found?

try safe mode

..... once you see "starting windows" ... start hitting the f8 key

or just start hitting it as soon as you switch on (it can be a little tricky on faster machines)

see what happens!

if possible ... scan from there
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thanks acthetroll for your very quick reply..a box came up with something like this (i wrote it down)
I take it that everything stops at that point?

Can't find any ref to that message ... anyone else?

if won't even startup in safemode....
I think a rebuild could well be in order

do you have anything irreplaceable on the HDD?
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i am sorry i dont know what that means,i dont know that much about computers only know its driving me crackers so i am going to pack in for tonight,really grateful for your help..thank you dee
It means that if you can't get past welcome in real or safe modes - your windows system is badly damaged

Almost certainly you'll have to rebuild your machine

what type of PC is it?
do you have recovery CDs?
SOunds like you will need to re-install windows.
This can happen if certain system files become damaged or corupted and its a very serious problem.
If no luck in re-installation, you'll have to rebuild your machine.

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black screen on logging in

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