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flash extractor

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ugly_bob | 02:03 Sat 31st Mar 2007 | Computers
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OK. Here's the problem. I've been sent a flash animation from a web designer that I need to extract some stills from. Anyone know any decent programs to do this?
Peferably free, cos I've no idea what sort of resolution the animation images will be (probably fairly low) and I need to blow them up.
So..... I need an application to get stills from a flash animation, but I don't really want to pay for it cos I'm not that confident the images I get will be any use anyway.

Thanks in advance


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Its not a program but its a way:

1) Open the flash file (.swf) in internet explorer or Firefox.
2) take a screenshot
3) paste the screenshot into Paint or your photo editor.
4) Crop the pasted image so you are left with only the flash, not the destop and explorer bar etc.
5) Save the image.

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flash extractor

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