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My printer not printing blue

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Fubsy | 16:04 Sat 21st Oct 2006 | Computers
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I have an Epson Stylus C46 printer. I've just tried to print some red and green text for Xmas cards I'm making. The green came out yellow! I did a nozzle check and clean and the same thing happened.

I've replaced the colour ink cartridge (genuine Epson too!) but the problem is still happening. When I print a nozzle check I see black, magenta and yellow colour blocks - but no cyan blue. I've checked the cartridge, the membrane has pierced OK.

So can anyone shed any light as to why my printer won't print blue please? And is there anything I can do to rectify the problem without having to purchase a new printer?!

Many thanks! Ruth


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hi ive just repaired a relatives printer with this exact problem. try this site here its where i had my info from. on first page see one third down page for attention (written in yellow)

the info to identify and repair the problem is here ml

i know the printer shown is not your exact model but they are very similar (the one i fixed was a cx 3650) and it should be fairly obvious to see once the printer head is out the way. if you look down and to the front of the waste ink pad the tube is clear to see. i will keep checking back if you have any questions please leave them here.
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obione.......thank you SO much for your reply! That site has a lot of useful info. Hubby and I will be having a go at repairing the printer later on today. I'll pop back and let you know how we got on. Ruth
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We've just had a look inside the printer and we can't see a tube at all.......there doesn't seem to be anything for us to get at actually.

I've taken a pic of the inside of our printer - if you don't mind and would care to take a peek obione go here 829/

Thanks again! Ruth
See if this is any help:-

hi ruth just checked your piccy, the rectangle shaped object that looks full of ink is called a waste ink pad you should try to mop out the excess ink as this can lead to an error message that will shut down your printer eventually. If you have an ink refill kit the syringe that comes with it will help get out the worst, you can remove wash and dry it but the grill that holds it is a bit fiddly so just mop out. the tube i was discussing earlier should be to the front of this pad and slightly underneath if you can do a piccy in this area it may help.

the program wideboy mentioned is en excellent tool, it will reset your printer if you get an error message that shuts it down completely. it can be used to freeze the ink levels in the software of your printer and allow you to actualy empty your catridges properly before being told they are empty and then finding there is still ink after youve removed them (very bad policy of epson) it may be of value to a great many epson users, it wont however re attach the tube for you, if you can locate the tube a set of long tweezers may be invaluable cause its very fiddly.

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We've done as you suggested and mopped up the excess ink. We located the tube - which wasn't actually detached! The blue ink is still not working so we're resigned to printing in black for the time being.

We're looking to get an all-in-one at Xmas - and it WON'T be an Epson!

Thank you both wideboy and obione for your replies and help. It was greatly appreciated! Ruth

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My printer not printing blue

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