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Jamjar74 | 17:24 Thu 23rd Dec 2021 | Computers
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This site will not open on my computer, it is approved by Norton as o.k. I use Chrome. There is no ad block on this site that I am aware of. Any suggestions please


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have you clicked the allow ads button that comes up
17:27 Thu 23rd Dec 2021
have you clicked the allow ads button that comes up
will it not open from a link either?
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No will not open from a link.
Did diagnostics and site is on line advised to check the proxy and firewall. Microsoft firewall not in use as I have Norton . | do not understand about proxies.
Could get into the site last week no problems - suppose must have hit some button somewhere.
Never mind I can live without it. Thank you for replying
Hopefully Buenchico will see this, and guide you in the right direction.
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this site is listed as a Whitelist site with the ad blocker off.
Do you have some sort of Cookie blocker or 'I don't ' care about cookies'?

I had a similar problem with another website.
Clear your browser's cache. (Instructions available upon request but please state which web browser you use). And/or try a different browser.

Also, if you're using a Windows PC or laptop (rather than a Mac or mobile device), consider downloading and installing this fantastic freebie:
It's the program I use when compiling my own crosswords and it's exceptionally handy when seeking answers for questions posted here on AB. It's an excellent dictionary but, if you select 'Wildcard' you can enter text such as 'h?a??' to then be offered . . .
(Clicking on each entry in the list will then provide its meaning).
It's one of my favourite programs!
Chris,I downloaded your reommendation and a large 'S' appeared on bottom task bar.When I clicked on close window it disappeared.HOw do I get it back?
Chris.managed to get it back.
One less job for me then, Danny ;-)

I do recommend that program though. It's amazing what it can do! For example, it's got an anagram finder as well as the dictionary and wildcard search.

Just a hint though:
By default, you're only offered the first 100 possibilities when you conduct a search. I change that to the first 1000 entries. (It's dead easy to do. Simply click on 'Options' and then on 'Wildcard', 'Anagram' or whatever and select your preferred option).
Thanks Chris,just set my preferences.
Question Author
Thank you everyone for your help. The site is up and running again. Not quite sure how I got there but I followed some of the suggestions given and it was there this morning.
Wish I could remember what I did if it happens again!!!
Merry Christmas to you all.
Thank again.
What a fabulous BA.
You must have given that some profound thought.

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