Updating Video Card Driver

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tearinghair | 10:22 Wed 08th Apr 2020 | Computers
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This may seem trivial, but in the current circumstances it matters to me...
I've been trying to download the latest in a favourite series of PC games. It has installed, but won't play because 'OpenGL15 or higher is required' and mine is 1.4. I nervously clicked on OK to upgrade as suggested, but got an error access violation. Contacted the game's website, (who gave me a set of instructions that scared me rigid) but say that my computer is probably not going to let me play this game. Emailed my son in USA (who knows what he's talking about and originally set up the computer for me) who thinks that there is no upgrade suitable for me as I'm running Windows 7.
Might there be a solution? I'm no good at trouble-shooting. I tried downloading it on to a newish Android tablet; I always play the trial version first to check there are no glitches, but 'the trial is not available for your device'. How could I find the video card driver version on that, or am I being hopelessly naive?


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I don't have knowledge, but your son's explanation seems plausible to me. You can only upgrade the firmware if the hardware can handle it. Check system specs at the download site. If it isn't compatible then your options are a) not play the game until you update the PC, or b) order and fit a more powerful, newer design graphics card in your PC (in which case ask your son which cards would fit in your particular PC).
I suspect that you're going to find that the software is incompatible with your computer. However, here's how to update your video driver anyway:

Right-click on 'Computer' (from either your desktop or your Start menu).

Select 'Properties'

Click on 'Device Manager' (top left).

Double-click 'Display adapters', to expand the entry.

Double-click on the entry for your graphics card.

Select the 'Driver' tab.

Click on 'Update driver'.
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Finally plucked up courage to try the suggestions...son tells me that there is nowhere to put a new driver in my set-up , and also that he thought I had the latest available anyway, but try and see. I followed your instructions carefully (thank you, they were very clear) but found, as he suspected 'the best driver for your device is already installed'. But at least I tried.

Should I risk trying to download the game on to my tablet, which won't let me play the trial version first? Synced with the PC so also running Windows 7. Or would there be any point in buying a cheap Notebook running Windows 10, which would presumably have a compatible driver? Would that be a problem, as I don't want to upgrade the PC to W 10? And if this is a feasible solution, do you have any recommendations?
Most video games require the machine that they're used on to have separate video cards. (The majority of laptops, and certainly all of the cheaper ones, use 'onboard graphics', where video processing is handled by part of the main CPU. Such machines can't handle the majority of video games that are released these days). So there could be no guarantee that a budget Windows 10 machine could cope any better with the software than your present one does.
If you don't have the minimum spec required on your PC there seems little point in downloading to try on it.

If it is a MS Windows PC game it was unlikely to have an Android version.

You might try looking for a second PC or laptop which does have the recommended specifications. Might find a recon going at a reasonable price if you're lucky.
What game is it? Search on that game name and add System Requirements. If your setup does not meet that or above then it won't play (it might run but stutter and make it unplayable).
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The only thing I haven't checked is DirectX. Where would I find that in my computer specs?
Type 'dxdiag' in your search box, you should come up with a 'Run' command
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Thank you. Apparently 'the item that this shortcut refers to has been changed or removed'. Clearly I am not meant to have this game.

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Updating Video Card Driver

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