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pussyfoot | 16:33 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | Computers
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My ipad won't charge up, where can i get it repaired?


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Do you mean that you get a message saying "not charging" or something else?

If its "not charging" try a different cable.
Your local PC repair shop?
Apple shop or independent repairer, Apple have always been really good for me, with FOC software repairs, providing you take it in during a non busy period. Remember to take charger aswell, because that could be faulty.
Without further details we can't say if its x, y or z that the fault is.

Hence why I suggested the cable - as I've had cables fail on me.
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Hi i've tried different charger cables & sockets it's definitely the ipad. There is no message just a black screen. I do't know any apple repair shops do I have to send it off somewhere?
Thank you all.
I found the man who repairs our tablets and mobiles through a local online car boot via Facebook.
Pussyfoot I just took mine into local Apple Store they have technicians there. Why not google your area for Apple Store?

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