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Creating Ringtones For Iphone 5

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iloveglee | 14:54 Sun 17th Apr 2016 | Computers
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I always seem to be on here, seeking advice. i have never been disappointed though, as someone always seems to come up with a solution. This is the latest thing to drive me crazy. I am having a bit of a problem creating ringtones. i have got so far, managed to create an ACC version, and now have to change the file format from M4a to M4r. the instructions say to right click the acc version and select show in finder. when i do this, there is no option to show in finder. i am know for sure there used to be, as i created a ringtone a while ago from one of the songs i have i t-tunes. strangely enough though, this ringtone has in fact disappeared. so i appear to have come up against a brick wall. i have googled for some advice, but nothing seems to come up which is of any use. since creating the previous ringtone, and now, i have updated itunes to a later version, so not sure if this has anything to do with it.


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I just use the Ring Tone app.
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which app do you recommend. i have one, create the ringtone and then ............. nothing. cant find it. mind you, i do hate i-tunes with a passion. i find it at least 300% more complicated than it needs to be. i am not a geek but am not totally computer un-literate either, and after many years of having i-tunes, still have not managed to properly get to grips with it.

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Creating Ringtones For Iphone 5

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