Windows 10 And Ms Outlook 2003

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Old_Geezer | 10:01 Fri 18th Mar 2016 | Computers
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Getting 'Send' issues.

This has just occurred after a period of working as well as it did in Windows 7. It may not be Windows 10 related but that is my suspicion.

I don't think this is a single question but three.

a) Any ideas what to try to fix Outlook ? (Some time back I seem to recall using 'detect and repair' on the work's PC and it screwed things up royally by deleting some file that was vital ! Won't trust that any further than I can throw it.)
b) If I was extravagant enough to update the excessively priced MS Office to a recent version, which one has Outlook yet doesn't require me to have anything to do with untrusted "cloud" nor has money-grabbing subscriptions demanded ?
c) If checking out free alternatives does anyone know what might be fully compatible so nothing is lost on changeover ?

I may see if I can find the original install disks later and reinstall, but it may be a while as I am nervous it'll delete data or something. It would be just typical.

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the last important patch updates MS made available.

I suppose I'm just looking for ideas/options at present. Meanwhile I can only send e-mails from the providers website (via the browser).


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I'm also on W10 and using MS Office 2003 and use Outlook to pick up my emails and sort my calender.

I have found that Outlook occasionally forgets my email password. Happens about once a year and not specific to a particular email addy. The only answer I found that worked was to delete that email account in Outlook and then re-create it.
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Thanks, I may give that a try. But it receives ok so it has to be something other than the password being unrecognised.
Its still possible to buy MS Office with a regular license rather than a subscription. As a alternative Open office is free and will open and save to all the MS file types.
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Really ? I have Open Office 4.1.1 installed and don't recall an e-mail client. I'll have to check that out.
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Humph !

It looks as if creating a new folder and moving across a couple of years' worth of e-mails to it, then closing and reopening Outlook, seems it may have fixed it. Just had a test e-mail go !

Why does it not just say there is a problem with the number of e-mails in the file ? And why did incoming still come in ? Why aren't things designed to be simple/obvious/instinctive ?
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I stand corrected. It appears the e-mail was just lulling me into a false sense of security, and is now exhibiting the same error as before. I'll have to try that delete/re-create thing soon then. :-(
Microsoft don't support that version of office ant more if you want a good mail program download and install Windows Live Mail 2012 from the Live Essentials Suite it works perfectly with Windows 10.I use on all of my Windows 10 computers
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Thanks for the tip.

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Windows 10 And Ms Outlook 2003

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