Laptop Freezes When I Type Or Press On Caseing Below Keyboard

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country_pumpkin | 14:45 Fri 06th Dec 2013 | Computers
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Hi laptop has started to freeze up either when I typ on certain parts of the keyboard mostly left side or if I press on the caseing bottom left below keyboard it also make screen flicker and freeze...Ive had the laptop apart and look and cleaned everything and all seems as it should all screws back in etc , so im bit puzzled as to what it can be that causes itto freeze.. any ideas on what it could be and if it worth fixing...the processor chip seems in ok and titght so cant think it anything there and it more top left any ideas people please id be gratefull.....


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Flexing stuff, be they connectors or even the board, can cause broken contacts to pull apart. May be a dry solder joint, perhaps. I'd recommend not pressing down on the casing.
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I don't just go pressing the caseing, but even the typing of the keys makes it do same thing...
Unless you can locate where the flexing is causing an issue (use whilst out of the case and being prodded maybe) it's going to be diffifcult to spot where the problem is. But if you give it a try and then apply a hot soldering iron where it seems likely to need one, you may fix the issue. If not comfortable with that then probably let a PC workshop take a look at it ?
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Laptop Freezes When I Type Or Press On Caseing Below Keyboard

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