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Hah! What A Con!

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anaxcrosswords | 21:57 Thu 20th Jun 2013 | Computers
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Reading today's newspaper I saw a Currys/PC World ad for the new Microsoft Office suite for an attractive-looking £79.99. Sounds good?
No. That £79.99 is for ONE YEAR'S use. You then pay £79.99 PER ANNUM to keep using it - something not mentioned in their advertising. Conveniently.


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Flippin' eck! That is a con.
it does say "1 year service for 5 PCs or Macs" immediately below the price
If it's for up to 5 PCs or Macs it's not too bad a deal and shouldn't be dismissed out of hand in my opinion, especially given that many people change their laptops every few years and, if they were to buy the software they might have to buy it again when they replace a device.
we have the same offewr at work but there is another one, the full suite, for 109.99 that is for the life of the pc or laptop and so would probably be cheaper in the long run if you have a new machine

the website seem to have run out though but most stores should have it in, i know we have in preston
This is the advert in todays i;s=5
- it's for Office 365 and so includes outlook, access and publisher (so more than the home student version) as well as some other bonuses.
that's the 12 month one, with a renewal subscription needed after the first year. It can be paid monthly direct to microsoft though rather than in one go
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All valid answers - and thanks to all - but how many are going to buy this without realising?
Any link?
Ah. On bibblebub's link it is clearly one year (that's where the 365 comes in) for 5 machines.

It has been widely reported in computer magazines for some weeks; the advert is very clear - you'd have to be a numbskull not to know what you are buying

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Hah! What A Con!

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