Problems With Printing Pdf Files

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tezestwing | 10:14 Sat 25th May 2013 | Computers
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Hi I recently purchased on line through a search provider a holiday insurance that requires you to print off PDF documents via e/mail, this also goes to there Web site, that is secured with a Padlock.
When I try to do this through print copy, I get a small thumb window that says,- Prop Res DLL Not Loaded OK,- and a ERROR flashes up in my desk tray, no amount of efforts to rid these pop up works,my PC seems to go into some sort of freeze,and the only way out is to press the OFF button,then re boot after a few moments.
I have done a search and received info about DLL (Dynamic Link Library) also info about API (Application Prog Interface).
Could any one help to point me in the right direction,to sort this out thanks for any info Tez


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Have you tried doing a 'save as' to your computer and then opening the document again and printing, it sounds as if your web browser has a pdf viewer plugin which isn't playing ball.
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Thanks Fitzer I just tried that and get the same result, btw I have the PDF document saved and I can read it, but have problems when I try to print, could the problem be with links to the printer.
Thanks Tez
Odd, you could try reinstalling Adobe Reader or downloading Foxit which is a alternative, smaller pdf reader.

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Problems With Printing Pdf Files

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