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Changing Desktop Picture

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islasmum | 15:41 Mon 10th Dec 2012 | Computers
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I cannot change my desktop image. I have tried changing everything several times, through Control panel>display and Personalization. I can change the background colour, and the text, but one picture seems to be displayed, as opposed to any other picture. I've even taken it back to a previous restore point, but that hasn't worked either! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks very much.


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Obvious question, but have you tried going through Windows? find the file you want, right-click on it and select set as desktop background from the menu?
Second obvious question...

It's not windows 7 starter is it?
Question Author
Judge Nutmeg, I have tried the 'set as desktop background' - nothing.
Chuck - no, I don't think that it is Windows 7 Starter - although it is Windows 7 Home Premium. I have used two of the stock photos as backgrounds before, but am unable to change desktop.
I have Windows7 islasmum.
Click on the Start button. Go to Control Panel and Personalisation as you've done.

there will be a small icon at the bottom of the page showing you the picture that you've got dispayed at the moment. Click on that and a Browse button will be displayed. Click on that and it should take you into all your files where you can choose Pictures. Choose the one you want and click Save.

That should do it.
Question Author
Chrissa - I've gone into Personalization, the small picture at the bottom appears merely to show picture position, rather than the picture. When I click on desktop background, it brings up a slideshow of pictures and although I have unselected them all, and then chosen one, and clicked save changes, nothing is changing.
...and did you check (as CF suggested) that you are not running Windows 7 Starter?

You can't change the wallpaper in Windows 7 starter edition
Question Author
Thanks - no, it is not Windows 7 Starter - I've sucessfully changed background pictures in the past.
Are you sure there is not a "Browse" button at the top when you click desktop background? On mine, it is showing the picture I have at the moment with the words "desktop background" underneath it.
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Changing Desktop Picture

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