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HowardKennitby | 15:23 Mon 23rd Apr 2012 | Computers
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Hello all

Further to my earlier question about time taken to defrag


I have run analysis and have the following data for the 2 drives on my PC.
Disk 0 is the system drive and is OK. Disk 1 is the slave that seems to be slow.

Disk 0

Manufacturer -- Maxtor

Model -- MAXTOR STM3160212A

Firmware -- 3.AAj

Interface -- Parallel ATA

Standard -- ATA/ATAPI-7 | ---

Transfer Mode(Current/Max) -- ULtra DMA-33 / Ultra DMA-100

Features -- SMART, 48bit LBA

Controller buffer size on drive -- 2048KB

Disk 1

Manufacturer -- unknown

Model -- MDT MD2500AAJB-00WGA0

Firmware -- 00.02C01

Interface -- Parallel ATA

Standard -- ATA8-ACS | ---

Transfer Mode(Current/Max) -- PIO - DMA / Ultra DMA-100

Features -- SMART, 48bit LBA, AAM (Disabled)

Controller buffer size on drive -- 8192KB

I would be grateful if some knowledgeable people would have a look at this and advise if this looks OK.




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This should give you a clue...


It's basically a cheap, slow unbranded hard drive, it's be fine for storing data like MP3s and pictures though.

(p.s. defraging is a waste of time)
OH, I would make sure you keep up to date with backups though...

Your second drive is basically a reconditioned drive with the company that reconditioned it's own firmware on it, they are not the most reliable of drives as well as being slow.
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Thanks Chuck

So I have a cheap, nasty, slow and unreliable drive and nothing can be done short of replacing it.
Could it be the transfer mode on the second drive is PIO?

PIO transfer speeds are very slow.

See if you can change it to UDMA 100. I think you do this in the BIOS

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Hard disk query

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