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Barmaid | 07:52 Sat 31st Mar 2012 | Computers
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I have an Acer Aspire. It suffered "impact damage" yesterday. Now, I can boot it up in Safe Mode, (using a new screen), but I can't boot it up in normal mode - the screen comes up in a weird colour with like a split down the middle.

I have tried Safe Mode with networking to set the PC to share files so I can pick them up on this PC, but it says RPC server not available.

Any ideas how I

a) retrieve data
b) do something in safe mode so that I can access my files?


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You haven't said what operating system you are using.
If it works in safe mode but not in normal mode, it just means that the monitor you have connected is not capable of working at the resolution/refresh rate that you had previously set.

In XP you can change the video settings by right-clicking the screen and choosing "Properties". Then go to the Settings tab and adjust the resolution slider to match that specified for your monitor. Then click the Advanced button, go to the monitor tab and set the refresh rate (for LCD monitors this is usually 60Hz).
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Thans Rojash. It's vista. I'll try setting the refresh rate and see if I can't get it up that way.
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well I tried that and it didn't work. I managed to get into the Display settings but the change refresh rate is greyed out.
Rojash did say "resolution/refresh"

If you can't change the refresh rate try putting the resolution down to it's lowest setting then rebooting into normal mode.
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Thanks Chuck. I've tried everything. I suspect it is going to be consigned to the big workstation in the sky. I will however ask my friendly computer repairer to have a look see first (he's very good).

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Poorly lappy

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