Multiple email addresses in Windows Live Mail

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modeller | 20:23 Sun 20th Nov 2011 | Computers
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I apologise entering this question again . I had added it to another question but it is actually a separate question .

When I used Windows Mail I could enter any number of contacts in an email by just clicking on their names in the contact list but with Windowe Live Mail that doesn't work.
If I want to enter several names I have to type them in separately . It's true that I only have to enter the first few letters but if I want to enter 20 names it's a slow job . I also noticed that the word 'contacts.' is dimmed out and nothing happens when I click on the icon Check Names. This may not be relevant but I thought I would mention it. So if you use W L M maybe you can advise me. How do I enter multiple addresse in the 'To: line, without having to enter them in laboriously. one at a time. ?
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have you tried using 'cc' or 'bcc' and seeing if its any better?
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Good idea but didn't work . All that happens is it opens up another separate email .

I use to send out a news letter to all our clubs 100 members but that can't be done except by entering the addresses one at a time .
I use Windows LIve and I found that if (in contacts) I hold down Ctrl and click on each relevent contact they will all highlight. Then click email and they're all neatly populated in the "To" box there ready to go.
^^ PS Go into contact first BEFORE you write your email.
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I've found a way of doing it . Open the contact list and hold down the Ctrl key .
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Thanks ! I didn't go to the contact list first but I must try that as well.
Hi....there are methods and methods...many ways to skin a cat as they say...

Here's a way to try which I think is neat..

Open a new message form...

Click..message...and a toolbar will appear and towards the right hand is a green plus with ADD on it ...

click that and your contacts will open with at the bottom..To, cc and bcc boxes.......

select a contact and click the To another and click To again or cc or bcc....continue until you are finished then click OK and the addresses will be there in your new message form....

You can write the message first or after....

Sounds a bit long winded when you read it here but it is quick and efficient and according to the "purists" is the correct way.....
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I have printed it out and will give it a try.
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Yes it works but requires a double click.
If you just need them all in the then yes just double click each one.....

To choose either TO...CC..or merely click once on the address and once on the appropriate box...(.on the actual letters TO not in the box....)
Another thing you might consider if you email the same group of people is to make a group..or category as it is called in Windows Live's a simple process well documented on the WWW and you merely have to enter the group name in the To box to send your message to all those in the group...

See this...

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Multiple email addresses in Windows Live Mail

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