Dodgy email

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SeaJayPea | 08:37 Thu 03rd Nov 2011 | Computers
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Hi, last night I received an email from a dear friend. It had gone to about six other people as well. It was just one line "Do you remember our last meeting? and a link. Clicking on the link (I know, but I thought it might have been some pictures) took me to an advert for Viagra.

It would now appear that this has gone, in batches, to everybody in her contact list.

Obviously somebody has got at her computer, how do we stop this happening again? At this precise moment I don't know who her ISP is and it was from her hotmail address.



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Obviously somebody has got to her hotmail then, not her computer (also it's nothing to do with her ISP)

Contact her and tell her she needs to change her password for hotmail.
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Hi Chuck, thanks so much for the speedy reply. I'll tell her immediately.

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Dodgy email

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