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RBS Sponsorship in F1,,our tax money ?

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jednbutter | 13:38 Sun 30th May 2010 | Sport
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Hi,,did any of you other uk tax payers realise that RBS are still sponsoring the Williams F1 racing team that i thought was supposed to be curtailed until the massive bail out of that banking group that the uk tax payer made on behalf of the RBS was paid back in full.
The directors of F1 sponsors get many perks including free flights to grand prix's all over the world plus free hospitality, i for one feel until the debts are repaid that all such sponsorship deals in sporting events should be cancelled and thought that this was the case.


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I totally agree....and R B S are still paying Jackie Stewart a fortune to act as an ambassador for the bank.
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JMR i heard Andy Murray still gets tousands from R.B.S to,,i cant seem to find any details of the R.B.S group sporting sposorship deals on the net anymore ?
sponsoring isn't done for fun, the idea is to publicise the company name and keep it in the public eye. It's a form of advertising; and I think it'd be daft to ban the bank from advertising until they're back in the black.

In theory, anyway. I wonder if anyone has actually opened an RBS account because they saw the name on a F1 car?
probably working out their contract, then, ABerrant? Fair enough; a deal's a deal.
Jackie Stewart, already a multi-millionaire, is still being paid a fortune by RBS. I wonder how many days 'work' he puts in for that.
RBS would be better advised to provide a good service to their customers and staff their branches with people who actually know a bit about banking.
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I guess the directors of RBS are in Turkey now along with others,,its a sham but then again who are we to criticise, i also would suggest that if the excuse is to keep the company name in a prominant position, the the group name should be changed to The Royal Bank of Britain,,as it was Britain that bailed out this sham of a banking group, and it is British taxpayers money that keeps it afloat.
Business usually uses sponsorship because it brings benefits. Why should it be any different for RBS? We are a shareholder and hopefully we will benefit from the improving fortunes of RBS.
Perhaps as shareholders we will be invited along to the junkets at these sporting events.
Again (in theory) these junkets are given for a purpose - to woo customers or thank loyal customers in the hope that they do even more business. I don't thin it's normally shareholders who get invited.
RBS's competitors use sponsorship and offer junkets. I think we should let RBS do the same and compete in order to help it rebuild. As shareholders we will benefit in the long run.

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RBS Sponsorship in F1,,our tax money ?

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