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Should disabled athletes compete in the regular Olympics?

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AB Editor | 01:00 Tue 17th Jul 2007 | Sport
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A man who runs on Carbon blades after having both his legs amputated below the knee is fighting for his right to a place in the Olympics. What do you think?

  • If research has shown that his artificial limbs put him at no advantage he should be able to compete - 9 votes
  • 50%
  • I don't think he should be allowed to compete. No amount of research could prove he wasn't at an advantage with his artificial limbs - making the competition unfair - 8 votes
  • 44%
  • There should be some kind of vote amongst athletes and Olympic officials to decide whether they believe it to be fair - 1 vote
  • 6%

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Should disabled athletes compete in the regular Olympics?

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