oh, this is ridiculous ... jonny wilkinson?

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joggerjayne | 14:08 Tue 24th Mar 2009 | Sport
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This is ridiculous.

I've just got my lunch, and opened today's Guardian.

There's a bit in the Sport section about who might get picked for The Lions this summer.

Robert Kitson suggests for Fly Halfs ...

1. Stephen Jones (Wales)

2. Ronan O'Gara (Ireland)

and then

3. ... a "selection poser" between

Jonny Wilkinson and James Hook.

Now, I loved (and fancied) Jonny ...

BUT ... in what parallel universe is he fit to play a tour against South Africa???

He cannot possibly take up a seat on the plane.

That's not a "selection poser" ... it's a ridiculous question.

Jonny has to stay at home.

(or he could come round to my place, if he wanted).



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me thinks you really have the hots for Johnny, don't you, jogs?

thinking he looks like Heath Ledger too?

go get him, girl!!! ( not sure if he has g/f or is married though!! )


p.s hope you're ok

Frightening to think that he's suggesting James Hook as well ! - Not a Lion yet !
''He cannot possibly take up a seat on the plane. ''

Quite correct... prob. needs 4 seats to stretch out his damaged knee... shoulder... groin... kidney...
No, ianfran ...

I've got the hots for Josh Lewsey !!

JJ...I agree that it is riduculous for the Lions Tour, BUT what about England.
Both Flood and Goode are unreliable kickers.

We are short of a good fly half.
Good point, snags ...

He needs to be taken on a medical convention ...

... not a Lions' Tour.
Now you're stretching my rugby knowledge, sqad.

I'm picking it up bit by bit, but you have the better of me.

I have said before that Danny Cipriani is too inconsistent.

Oh, by the way ... sorry about that "place of my own" thread ... saying it was lonely, etc. i didn't mean to sound gloomy.

Here's one of my smiles to make up for it ...


J x

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oh, this is ridiculous ... jonny wilkinson?

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