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Do Goalkeepers Train As Outfield Players?

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barney15c | 21:31 Sun 21st May 2023 | Sport
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They must train for Penalty kick taking, but as part of their training regime do they also do any training as if they are outfield players, so such situations they would have to come out of goal as an extra man in a situation where they need a last ditch effort to score if they are behind in a crucial match like a cup match.


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To the best of my knowledge, training for professional football players consists largely of fitness work and working on 'set piece' situations. Goalkeepers will undergo the same fitness training but there would seem to be little point in involving them in the 'set piece' stuff.
If you have ever played the game or been involved in children's school, or town teams, you will know that most "goalies" started out as outfield players as kids. Many kids team goalies are usually very good outfielders, almost always defenders. Not many when they start playing aspire to be in goal. Some find that they are put there because they have a noticeable aptitude and skill set( it needs a brave player) some young players do not enjoy running or indeed built for it. You do not go on to play football in goal, to even a Sunday League standard, in adulthood without having some ability to kick a ball .... or an opponent.
I thought they just picked the tallest.
Or the fat lad Lank. :))
To answer barney's question sensibly ... yes they do. Just as outfield players practice being in goal. Wayne Rooney for instance could play in goal and did so in the Premier League if my memory serves me.
Colleen certainly thought he was a keeper.

Players often started their careers in different positions, they're highly trained athletes and then specialise. Keepers may have been centre-forwards as kids, full backs could have been wingers, "#10s" might have been player makers.
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Thank you all very much for your answers!

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Do Goalkeepers Train As Outfield Players?

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