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Cricket - T20 World Cup

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sunny-dave | 13:49 Fri 21st Oct 2022 | Sport
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The 'hit and giggle' version of cricket has its World Cup in Australia this autumn.

First round groups just completed (spoilers in next post) and then the competition really gets going tomorrow with England playing the (rather good) Afghans at noon.

Otherwise mostly at very antisocial hours (the bedroom TV is being hooked up for a while) but there is the rather tasty England v Australia match at 9am on Monday.

New Balls please ...


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Ireland beat the West Indies today – not a fluke either, they gave them a damn good thrashing (© TTT) and deserve to be in the main group matches starting tomorrow.

Sadly, the scheduling fairy has decided that Ireland's matches will all be at 5am or earlier, except for their match with Australia at 8am on Halloween …

Scotland were eliminated at the preliminary stage – although they too gave the Windies a beating.
if they win the tournament, perhaps the next one will be held in Phoenix Park in the coolth of Irish evenings.
As observed in a previous post that victory today came 53 years another 9 wicket win v W Indies at Sion Mills.
One of my earliest ever sporting memories.
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I've been to see England play Ireland at Malahide (Dublin), jno ... they attempted to confiscate all our wine on the way in (but failed - would you argue with gness?) ... but then it rained ... a lot.
Middlesex v Ireland Gillette Cup Lord’s 1980.
My only ever visit to that ground.
Rain caused a stoppage in play at which point a young and in those days much slimmer Mike Gatting dashed off the pitch and sat next to me.
In future years he’d have been focussing on his dinner ;-)
I once spent more than an hour in a bar at Lord's while they supposedly mopped up after a shower that was so light it had stopped and the sun come out before the players had even left the field. Rather a farce, and they put in new drainage after that.
Sounds like Haydock Park racecourse. Two people spit on the same spot and it's waterlogged.
great, thanks SD. Expect lots of moaning about how it's not cricket!
We’ve got tickets to watch England play a group winner at the MCG next week as we’ve currently on holiday in Oz. It’ll be Mrs Arrods first ever cricket match and she wants me to explain the rules of the game before we go. Yeah, right!
Hey there! I just stumbled upon this old thread and saw that you were excited about the T20 World Cup. I'm a big fan of cricket too, and can't wait to see some amazing matches. I'm not much of a betting person myself, but I know a lot of people enjoy it. Actually, I'd like to do cricket betting ( ) for the next WC. Btw, when is it gonna be held? Do you have any predictions for it? Just curious. TIA

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Cricket - T20 World Cup

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