Heather Watson V Kaja Juvan - Don't Worry, No Spoilers.

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Ken4155 | 15:07 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | Sport
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Did you watch it, ich. Lots of "Heather" this and "Heather" that as opposed to "Juvan" this and "Juvan" that. Barker and Henman, in particular, seem to have totally forgotten the young lass's first name is Kaja:-/
Yes, i left the commentary on today - just to see how disrespectful they were.


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Would that be Sue and Tim, Ken? ;)
I am now finding I enjoy it much more with the sound turned off.
I'm not too sure what you're objecting to here.

I can't speak for all Britons, not being one, but the normal protocol here seems to be to call people by their first name if you know them well. Otherwise it's "Miss Raducanu".

The rules are slightly different for sports reporting, where nobody gets called Mr, Sir or whatever. So they're just Raducanu.

But the thing about knowing them personally still applies, which I would guess why, to British commentators who are acquainted with her, Raducanu is "Emma" but Juvan is not Kaja.

I don't see any disrespect either way.
Left the commentary on? How I wish I could turn it off! My pet hate about watching tenis on the Beeb.
Although when I was watching, commentary was Sam Smith (I think she's paid by the word and not the match) and Tracy Austin - who at least had some success as a player
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Jno, I find it a total lack of respect. Doesn't matter whether you know the person or not. Very rarely hear football commentators saying things like, "Jim passes the ball to Fred, who then attempts a cross-field pass to Malcolm, but Fitzherbert reads the pass and intercepts. He passes it to Johnson on the edge of the area, he shoots but Steve tips it round the post. Corner to them."
it doesn't happen in team games so much as in single-combat sports, but as far as I can tell it's an attempt, maybe unconscious, to rally a home crowd behind a home competitor.
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I think they do that with inflection. A good shot by the 'home' player is reported in slightly higher and more urgent tone than that of the 'away' player. IMHO, as per.
And, no! I haven't been sat up waiting for your reply :-)

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Heather Watson V Kaja Juvan - Don't Worry, No Spoilers.

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