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Olympic Rugby Sevens

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Mozz71 | 10:58 Tue 27th Jul 2021 | Sport
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Some wonderful matches in the quarter finals. GB coming from 21-0 down to beat USA 26-21, followed by Argentina's 19-14 win over South Africa after having a man sent off after 2 mins. Breathtaking stuff.


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it halps having an opponent carded, I suppose. I feel the same way about full rugby matches: an early red card and the match is all but lost, which is a pretty extreme punishment..
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Sorry jno, I worded that badly, it was Argentina who had the man sent off, but went on to win. I can only imagine that having a man sent off in Sevens is even more crucial than in the full game.
1st time we've seen Rugby 7's - definitely fast and furious and most enjoyable. Will watch from now on.
the Americans had a man carded. In the Korea-NZ game there seemed to be two yellow cards (I don't know how long they keep you off the field - 7 seconds?) and the result was 50-5. I'm not querying the reasons for the cards but they seem to have disproportionate effect on the outcome.
Turned tv on just as the Agentinian player got red carded. Good game and the next one. Don't think the Aussies liked losing and not even scoring though.

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Olympic Rugby Sevens

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