Physiotherapy Or Sports Injury Forum?

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dave3745 | 22:11 Mon 21st Dec 2020 | Sport
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I've turned what felt previously like just a weak thigh into a real injury - some sort of thigh strain. I can't have face to face NHS physio to diagnose and treat; I appreciate that, but it's difficult to get correct diagnosis in a limited time on the phone to the NHS designated service supplier, and then action plan. Spent hours on google searches, but I thought there'd be somewhere a forum where athletes/sportspeople could describe symptoms and share advice. Anyone know of such UK forums?


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Not a forum but an independent UK-based site where you might find relevant information:
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Thanks. There's certainly some info I can see already on here which I haven't come across elsewhere.
no but take a look at Bob and Brad on Youtube. They are two excellent physios and help you to self diagnose and treat.

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Physiotherapy Or Sports Injury Forum?

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