Tennis-Who Do You Want To Win?

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Cloverjo | 13:13 Sun 11th Oct 2020 | Sport
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Djokovic or Nadal? I don’t like either of them as they’re closing in on Roger’s record of slams.
It’s not often I root for Djokovic but I am now to at least give Federer a tiny bit of breathing space.


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Rafa the fidget for me.
Rafa by a mile
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Aah, not looking good for the Djoker so far.
Would love to see my man Djoko win but my head says Nadal. This is his surface, he has won 12 French Opens and has won 99 of the 101 matches he has played at this tournament. He has complained about the temperature and the balls but he has yet to drop a set! A 3-1 win for him, or a 3-2 win for the Djokoman would see me in pocket for the day.
What happened in the women's final .
The commentators kept referring to an injury or something to the lass that lost

I only saw a few minutes of the match
There was no injury, as such, Baz. Kenin's thigh was already well strapped when she came on court. She did have medical treatment in the 2nd set but that was only to bolster the strapping. Don't think it made that much difference to the end result.
If i had to write the script which would best suit my bet, this would be it. Nadal cruises into a 2-0 lead, but then gets a tad complacent, allowing Djoko to pull one back. Then Nadal puts it to bed in the 4th set. Unfortunately i see no signs of complacency just yet? Not surprising really considering who he is playing.
looks like Nadals win. Hope he buys bigger pants with the prize money to stop him pulling at his rrrs
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I’m gutted and in tears.
Whereas I am of course thrilled although feel a bit sorry for Djoko, I don't like him but that was a hammering score.
As for Rafa's shorts that's a tic/sub-conscious reflex/irritating habit whatever you want to call it. He always does it and it's irrelevant to the size of his shorts.
//I’m gutted and in tears.

Seriously ?

It's just a game ?
Djokovic has annoyed me too much this year for me to have supported him. I was surprised by the one-sidedness of the match, though.
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I know it’s just a game, but I’ve seen grown men cry over their football and rugby teams losing.
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I expected a much tougher match too.
my biggest odds winner ever 200/1 on Raphael Nadel to win 1st set 6-0 all by accident. I laid RN at 25/1 on Betfair on first set score . Then somebody upped this to 200/1 for £2.00 so I took this to hedge it back . As RN kept winning the games I never did
Brilliant result - Nadal was awesome.
I agree with Jim.
I went off Djokovic in a big way this year.
I was delighted to see Nadal win even if it was a bit disappointingly one-sided for the neutral
nigh impossible to play a perfect match of tennis but Nadal came close, he even finished with an ace!

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Tennis-Who Do You Want To Win?

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